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About Us

Welcome To Punctuality Carpet Cleaning

Who are we. What matters to us. What we do. How we do it.

Punctuality Carpet Cleaning is a reliable, trustworthy industry-leading company which provides an array of cleaning services.  We take care of your carpets, rugs, upholstery for stain, water damage, or restoration and damage repair.

We follow LLC RC standards in our practice in terms of safety, inspection, regulations, recommended products, and tools. We put first our customer safety, security, and satisfaction.

Punctuality Carpet Cleaning was born years ago, through our need to help customers, and give them the satisfaction to enjoy clean and fresh areas in their homes/job places.

Punctuality Carpet Cleaning was not just created to satisfy a professional expansion or need, but to give this feeling of happiness, joy and victory fighting against stains and odor.

The founder actually experienced first handed the depression, distraught to have stained carpets he could not clean by himself.

Ever tried cleaning a stain on your carpets, rugs, upholstery, and realized it’s getting worse? That was his feeling few years ago.

After using advertised carpet cleaning products, and still not able to get rid of the stains, he called a professional carpet cleaner.

During the process, he was so fascinated that he wanted to know all about profession carpet cleaning. What is the best mechanism?  What products are used? Are those products and the activity controlled for general public safety?

Satisfied by the service, he got inspired, wanted to satisfy others, and there came the idea of Punctuality Carpet Cleaning.

Of course, deciding to take a specific professional orientation required tremendous amount of work, time, research and devotion. Professional training, practice. and certification were successfully followed to achieve the goal.

Creating the company as per the state laws, procuring the best tools, and products on the market, were and The founder faced many struggles after finalizing his project. How to attract people and make them enjoy the result of a professional carpet cleaning?

Using a third party for advertisement of course helped to be available on the market, but also brought other difficulties for a start-up: commissions. Creating a website to bring more people needing help to us and easily.

We work towards a more easy way for our customer to have access to our services, mainly a website. General and specific inquiry will be just a click away, allowing online chat, and fast reply to request for quote.

Punctuality for us is not just a name, but our culture. We are always punctual, and deliver jobs on time. Our satisfaction is the satisfaction of our customers.

Punctuality Carpet Cleaning is specialized in carpet, rug, upholstery cleaning, after construction cleaning, water damage cleaning,  stain and odor removal, move in and out cleaning both for residential and commercial installations.

Using innovative, specialized, and recommended technics, Punctuality Carpet Cleaning gives a new life to your carpet/rugs. Our team of Professionals can remove nearly any stain using our arsenal of high quality products and tools.

We study each customer’s request separately, and establish a plan of action based on specific needs.

Our specific tools include Truck mount – for steam cleaning/ hot water extraction.

We only use Certified products from the Cleaning Solution  Center.

Your Satisfaction is Our Satisfaction!!!